Saturday, February 24, 2007

York Notes on "Atonement"

Far more than a simple synopsis guide, York Notes provides a rich introduction to Atonement, its major characters, style, structure, overarching themes, and narrative techniques.

Each of these critical approaches are dealt with in detail by Anne Rooney, a former English instructor at the Universities of Cambridge and York and the author of over eighty books, including GCSE and A Level guides.

The glossary and countless sidebar notes are especially helpful for the beginning literature student. Also included are 2-3 page "extended commentaries" on select passages from the novel that highlight McEwan's development of characters, themes, etc. Contents are as follows:

1. Note on the text and synopsis

2. Detailed summaries of the novel's major sections

3. Extended commentaries on select passages

4. Critical approaches (Characterization, Major Themes, Language & Style, Narrative Technique & Structure)

5. Critical History

6. Background (McEwan's life & work, literary, historical, and social background)

7. Includes a glossary of literary terms relevant to the novel and a brief bibliography of additional resources.

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