Monday, May 26, 2008

For You (Libretto)

Charles Frieth, preeminent composer, conductor and prodigious womaniser, is preparing for a performance of one of his early works, and the world premiere of "Demonic Aubade". Obstinate and myopic, he is oblivious to the growing turmoil around him; his wife's poor health and dissatisfaction; the exhausted efforts of his secretary; and, the disquieting diligence of his housekeeper, Maria.

As the first performance draws near, the maestro is suddenly awoken to the chaos, and as Charles struggles to regain control of his life, a terrible tragedy begins to unfold. "For You" is a beautifully wrought and compelling libretto - It is Ian McEwan at his very best.

Order a copy online via Vintage,, or from a variety of quality Independent Booksellers.

Atonement on DVD

Nominated for seven Academy Awards, Atonement will soon be available on DVD.

Available online at Universal Studios,,, and numerous other retailers.

'Playing to Type': Scott Macaulay talks to composer Dario Marianelli about his award winning score for Atonement.

'Design of History: Sarah Greenwood's Atonement': Read about production designer Sarah Greenwood

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