Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ian McEwan talks with Richard Dawkins

Ian McEwan talks with Richard Dawkins: Root of All Evil? [This is the uncut interview from the Channel 4 TV program 'The Root of All Evil?', hosted by Richard Dawkins. This video is part of the DVD collection available through the store].


Blogger gobsmackedprotean said...

Instead of 'atheist' why not 'naturalist' (referencing Darwin) or 'deist' as the founding fathers (old-school America) once coined themselves.

As 'naturalist' recalls Darwin and 'deist' Jefferson, you cannot be said to be in bad company. Nevertheless, there will always be those who shun those persons who say they cannot feel God's presence.

I used to feel and think many, many things; now, due to the interests of certain would-be emperors and such, I am uncertain about many things--other than this:

Whilst (I use this anachronism for you Brits) the world is ruled by fanatics, we will never experience peace.

My second axiom: Government and military forces should leave people alone in their private lives unmolested, to pursue whatever dream they maybe able to conjure in the face of such rampant corruption.

(Thanks very much. I be done, folks, and so is my poor martyred mother ... country.)

February 17, 2009 at 10:11 AM  
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