Monday, February 26, 2007

On Chesil Beach (Dutch Edition)

The Dutch edition of On Chesil Beach will be published on 2 April, a few days ahead of the Jonathan Cape edition. Click the image on the right to visit the De Harmonie website. They also offer translations of the rest of McEwan's books, and each title is linked from the Ian McEwan Dutch Webpage.

McEwan will also be reading in support of this novel in Amsterdam on 13 April. More details will be posted to the Ian McEwan Website as soon as they are available.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thomas Pynchon Supports McEwan

Click this image to read Thomas Pynchon's letter in support of Ian McEwan.

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Read more about Pychon's support in The Guardian:,,1965130,00.html

False Claims of "Plagiarism"

'McEwan: An inspiration, yes. Did I copy from another author? No.'

Ian McEwan responds to a Sunday newspaper's claim that he had "copied" the work of another author for his Booker-nominated novel, Atonement. In The Guardian, McEwan refutes the claim, and explains how he drew on research and reminiscences for one of his most celebrated books.

Read the article at The Guardian Website

More on this issue:

John Sutherland: 'The Sincerest Form of Flattery.' Guardian, 27 November 2006.

Lev Grossman: 'Ian McEwan Has Nothing to Atone For.' Time, 28 November 2006.

Jan Dalley: 'This article is all my own work. Or is it?' Financial Times, 28 November 2006.

Robert McCrum: 'Warning: the words you are about to read may be stolen.' Observer, 3 December 2006.

Zadie Smith, Margaret Atwood, Rose Tremain, Colm Tóibín, Kazuo Ishiguro and Thomas Keneally: 'Even Shakespeare and Tolstoy would be in trouble: what the writers say.' Daily Telegraph, 5 December 2006.

Nigel Reynolds: 'The borrowers: 'Why McEwan is no plagiarist.' Daily Telegraph, 5 December 2006.

Charles Isherwood: 'The
Plagiarism Furies strike again
.' International Herald Tribune, 5 December 2006.

Nigel Reynolds: 'Recluse speaks out to defend McEwan.' Daily Telegraph, 6 December 2006.

Dan Bell: 'Pynchon backs McEwan in 'copying' row.' Guardian, 6 December 2006.
Books related to Atonement:

Anne Rooney. York Notes on "Atonement". Longman, 2006.

(Audio CD)
. HarperCollins, 2003 [Narrated by Isla Blair].

Reynolds & Noakes. Ian McEwan: The Essential Guide. Vintage, 2002.

Atonement (Reading Guide Edition). Vintage, 2005.

Claudia Schemberg. Achieving 'At-one-ment'. Peter Lang AG, 2004.

Bernie C. Byrnes. Ian McEwan's "Atonement" and "Saturday". Paupers' Press, 2006.

York Notes on "Atonement"

Far more than a simple synopsis guide, York Notes provides a rich introduction to Atonement, its major characters, style, structure, overarching themes, and narrative techniques.

Each of these critical approaches are dealt with in detail by Anne Rooney, a former English instructor at the Universities of Cambridge and York and the author of over eighty books, including GCSE and A Level guides.

The glossary and countless sidebar notes are especially helpful for the beginning literature student. Also included are 2-3 page "extended commentaries" on select passages from the novel that highlight McEwan's development of characters, themes, etc. Contents are as follows:

1. Note on the text and synopsis

2. Detailed summaries of the novel's major sections

3. Extended commentaries on select passages

4. Critical approaches (Characterization, Major Themes, Language & Style, Narrative Technique & Structure)

5. Critical History

6. Background (McEwan's life & work, literary, historical, and social background)

7. Includes a glossary of literary terms relevant to the novel and a brief bibliography of additional resources.

View the York Press website for additional titles in this series, or search,, or a wide selection of high-quality Independent Booksellers.

Fiction of Ian McEwan (Resource)

Peter Childs's The Fiction of Ian McEwan introduces students to a range of critical approaches to McEwan's fiction. Criticism is drawn from selections in academic essays and articles, and reviews in newspapers, journals, magazines and websites, with editorial comment providing context, drawing attention to key points and identifying differences in critical perspectives. Also includes selections from published interviews with Ian McEwan.

Order a copy online via,,, or from a variety of quality Independent Booksellers

The New Yorker: "On Chesil Beach"

In the December 25, 2006 & January 1, 2007, Winter Fiction Issue of The New Yorker, Ian McEwan, the Booker Prize-winning author of Amsterdamand Atonement, presents the anxieties of two young newlyweds, Edward and Florence, as they are served a formal dinner in their honeymoon suite, overlooking the English Channel (“On Chesil Beach,” p. 98). Transporting the reader to Britain in 1962, McEwan skillfully crafts an evening that is taut with secret, conflicting emotions. He writes, “This was still the era—it would end later in that famous decade—when to be young was a social encumbrance, a mark of irrelevance, a faintly embarrassing condition for which marriage was the beginning of a cure. Almost strangers, they stood, strangely together, on a fresh pinnacle of existence, gleeful that their new status promised to promote them out of their endless youth—Edward and Florence, free at last!... From these heights they could see clearly, but they could not describe to each other certain contradictory feelings: they separately worried about the moment, sometime soon after dinner, when their new maturity would be tested, when they would lie down together on the fourposter bed and reveal themselves fully to each other.” As they work their way through a meal for which they have no appetite, Edward and Florence, who are both virgins, struggle through their own internal battles with sexual anxiety, fear, disgust, love, and nerves.

Read the excerpt at The New Yorker or read it here in .pdf (courtesy of The New Yorker).

Friday, February 23, 2007

Intro. to the "Featured Items" Blog

In an attempt to stay current with online trends, the Ian McEwan Website has created this "Featured Items" blog. In addition to posting news and information related to books written both by and about Ian McEwan, we will be expanding our scope to include websites, audio-visual materials, and other miscellaneous and/or curious items.

Visitors are encouraged to post feedback or comments about the items listed and to suggest items for inclusion on this Featured Items blog.

We hope this new venture will provide a dynamic new way to supplement the Ian McEwan Website.

More to come ...